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Clubman Country Club Shampoo is a unique shampoo experience created for the active man.

LAUNCH PAD - Welcome to the Club

"Welcome to the Club: Clubman has been synonymous with good grooming since 1810.

To say that the Pinaud brand and its Clubman line of fine men's toiletries have staying power is an understatement. After all, men have been using the products since 1810 when Edouard Pinaud, a perfumer, opened a shop in Paris. The house of Ed Pinaud, as it was called, sold perfumes, shaving soaps, creams, ace and complexion powders and dozens of other beauty and grooming products. Pinaud's specialties included the Eau de Quinine, a fragrance for hair, as well as perfumes by the name of Violette Reine, Brise embaumee Violette, Boquet de Foscarina, Genet d'Or and Marie Louise. Pinaud also served as the perfumer for the court of Napoleon III and created his first aftershave, Lilac Vegetal for the Hungarian calvalry. He later launched his Clubman line of products, commissioning an artist to create the trademark dapper Frenchman for the labels.

During the pharmaceutical era of the early 1900's, Pinaud's products gained popularity around the world. Under the direction of the company's new owner Victor Klotz, more that 150,000 bottles of Eau de Quinine were sold monthly. The United States, Canada, Mexico and Cuba all proved to be successful markets for the products. American International Industries, Los Angeles, California, acquired the brand and its Clubman line almost 30 years ago.

Today, Clubman offers a wide range of men's grooming products. Clubman Moustache Wax includes a tube of wax and a custom moustache comb/brush. Clubman's Styptic Pencil stops bleeding from razor nicks quickly while Clubman's Nick Relief contains aloe and vitamin E for sting-free treatment. Rich emollients and botanical ingredients are combined in Clubman's Shaving Gel, which softens facial hair and lubricates the skin.

Clubman now offers a variety of haircare products as well. The line's shampoo, styling gel and hairsprays are designed specifically for men's needs. And for the ladies? Clubman has created products specifically for women, including Blue Waltz fragrance. The company has even formulated its own Baby Hair Lotion, designed specifically for babies' fine hair.

Today's Clubman colognes and aftershaves exude scents of lime, citrus, rum, musk, and vanilla. But old standbys like Lilac Vegetal After Shave Lotion and Eau De Quinine cologne still hold their own in the marketplace. Bob Hope was a lifelong fan of the products, as are Kirk Douglas and Donald Trump, which proves that quality never goes out of style."
– Meredith Towbin.

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Los Angeles, CA - February 23, 2006 - Look closely at each barbers station on MTV’s latest reality series, The Shop and you’ll see Clubman products in heavy rotation. The show takes place in Mr. Rooney's Barbershop, the place to get a trim in Jamaica, Queens. Owned by Cory Rooney, the producer behind hits for Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Lopez, Destiny's Child and more, The Shop is always abuzz as the barbers talk music, trends and pop culture. Celebs, like Busta Rhymes and Bobby Brown, drop by to get their fades tightened and, if they’re unlucky, the hard truth about their latest single - undistilled.

This is not the first time the Clubman line has had their on screen cameo. Watch closely in 2004’s Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy starring Will Ferrell and you’ll see Clubman Special Reserve Cologne in Paul Rudd’s arsenal of aftershaves.  And the producers of Showtime’s Barbershop used Clubman to create an authentic set that conjured up the mystique of the old-time barbershops where first haircuts are a rite of passage and tall tale telling is an art form.

This time, however, Clubman products are more than set dressing; they’re in the shots because they are the “tools of the trade” for Mr. Rooney and his barbers.

On the set of "The Shop"


Introducing New Clubman SHAVE So Men Can Shave Like a Man, Again

April, 2007 Los Angeles, CA
--The Clubman-Pinaud line of fine men’s toiletries, established in 1810, has seen trends come and go, but masculine is always in style.  Now, Clubman launches Clubman SHAVE, shave and skincare products for men that modernize the Clubman line with a respectful nod to close to 200 years of tradition. Clubman SHAVE products appeal to men who aren’t fussy or pretentious about what they use to get ready every day. But every day, they are ready... for anything.

Clubman SHAVE includes:

CLUB LATHER: Shave Cream
Get yourself in a lather with this rich, creamy formula. Missed a spot? No problem. Massage with water and bam, you’ve reactivated the foam.  Take a second swipe. Smooth. She’ll be so happy you’re a two-timer. Menthol refreshes, Aloe Vera moisturizes, Allantoin and Seamollient reduce inflammation.

This soothing gel gives a serious smooth shave and reduces the chance of nicks or irritation.  Essential oils moisturize and give your razor great glide. A super close shave and you’re ready for a close encounter. No oily residue. Macadamia, Primrose and Eucalyptus condition. 

CLUB SCRUB: Exfoliating Cleanser
This face wash and exfoliator removes dead skin, cleanses away dirt, surface oil and environmental pollutants. Exfoliating Micro Beads prevent ingrown hairs. Green Tea anti-oxidants wipe out impurities. Aloe Vera hydrates and softens. Cooling Menthol refreshes.

CLUB MEND: Bump Repair Gel
Ready, Set, Repair. CLUB MEND helps to unclog, heal and prevent scarring.  Eases razor burn, shave bumps, ingrowns and leaves your neck and face looking good. Gel Formula means no cotton ball.  Powerful Salicylic Acid and Panthenol stop ingrowns. Use as a spot treatment for flare-ups.

No shave is final without this great finish to a perfect shave. Formulated to nourish, tighten and protect.  This should put a smile on your face.

The Clubman SHAVE line will be available at fine salons, barbershops and beauty supply stores nationwide beginning in June 2007.

Clubman-Pinaud is a division of American International Industries. Founded in France in 1810, the Pinaud brand and its Clubman line of fine men’s toiletries can be found in virtually every barber shop and men’s club across the United States.


American International Industries Provides Clubman Mustache Wax to Contestants

Los Angeles, CA (June, 2006)
– Abe Lincoln, Tom Selleck, and ZZ Top…What do they all have in common? Exceptionally fine facial fuzz, of course! These hairy men in history inspired competitors at this year’s New York Beard and Mustache Competition held May 16 at the Knitting Factory.  The men—and women—who competed used Clubman Moustache Wax from American International to create their hairy masterpieces.

Contestants of the New York Beard and Mustache Competition, who are also members of the United States Beard and Mustache Team, came together to promote the new documentary “Splitting Hairs,” which follows the United States Beard and Mustache Team throughout Europe as they prepare to take on the German Beard Clubs at the World Beard and Mustache Competition. Founded in France in 1810, the PINAUD brand and its CLUBMAN line of fine men's toiletries can be found in virtually every barber shop and men's club across the United States. The Clubman Pinaud line offers a wide variety of men's toiletries and grooming products including: Colognes, Dab-On Nick Relief and Styptic pencils, after shave lotions, skin and hair tonics, talcs, deodorants, hair-care products and shave creams. The Clubman Pinaud line is a division of American Industrial Industries.

Contestants in the 2006 NY Beard and Moustache Competition


Facial Hair Is Big in “the Biz” and
Clubman Products Provide Good Grooming Support

Los Angeles, CA – February 2006 –
Whether they are sporting slight stubble, a goatee or donning a full-grown beard, some of Hollywood’s hottest males are nixing their razors and stubbling towards sexy.  The Clubman-Pinaud line of fine men’s toiletries, established in 1810, has seen trends come and go. Today, they continue to be on the counter of every barbershop, country club locker room and are there to provide control to every hipster hairdo--or hair don’t.

At this year’s Golden Globe Awards, it was obvious facial hair is making a comeback. Leonardo De Caprio, Harrison Ford, Hugh Laurie, Russell Crowe and Johnny Depp were just a handful of Tinseltown’s elite to grace the red-carpet with a bit of scruff. And at last Wednesday’s Grammy Awards, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler,  Bono, Bruce Springsteen, country stars Keith Urban and Tim McGraw, and Chris Martin, lead singer of Coldplay were all sporting some sexy gruff.  Other celebrities spotted with fashionable facial hair around town include Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas, Alec Baldwin, Jude Law, Bruce Willis and Tom Hanks.

Whether they’re going for the “slightly disheveled” look or sporting full-on-fuzz, men are returning to the look that conveys a masculine, mature, handsome, dominant, self-confident, courageous, and non-conforming attitude. And, to keep facial hair looking its best, Clubman, the nearly 200-year old quintessential standard in men’s toiletries and grooming products, offers a variety of essentials including:

Moustache Wax Styling Kit- a three-piece kit that includes scissors, moustache comb and Clubman wax. Clubman Moustache Waxes provide an easy way to style moustache hair and makes hair stay in place. The wax formulas will cover gray or blend-in faded or streaked hair without drips or mess. Available in black, brown, chestnut and neutral. SRP: $6.95

Clubman Color Comb- got a little salt in your soul patch? Touch it up with a hair color touch-up comb. Color Comb's creme-based, quick-dry formula and unique applicator allows you to instantly blend-in natural color exactly where you want it. Provides temporary haircolor and easily shampoos out.

Great for touch-ups on:
  • Roots and hairlines
  • Moustaches
  • Beards
  • Sideburns
  • Eyebrows
  • Colors available: Black and Brown.

SRP: $5.95 Available at drugstores nationwide and at www.folica.com

And when the tide turns and they reach for their razor...
Clubman Nick Relief - Is perfect for men and women to help stop bleeding fast from razor nicks and minor cuts. The formula includes aloe and Vitamin E for a sting-free treatment. SRP: $3.99

Clooney and Clubman: Two Classics Star Together in New Film

Clubman-Pinaud Men’s Grooming Product Make Appearance in  “Michael Clayton” a Corporate Thriller With George Clooney

Los Angeles. February, 2006--George Clooney, sexy, single superstar, will portray a former criminal prosecutor in the Warner Brothers film, “Michael Clayton.”   To make sure Mr. Clooney is set against a backdrop as classically handsome as his famous chiseled mug, the “Michael Clayton” production team requested a “care package” of Clubman-Pinaud products to dress the set.  The iconic green bottle and the dashing Clubman dandy that appears on the product labels will be the perfect complement to gorgeous George.

Shooting for the film began in January, 2006, so look for Clubman Shave Creams, After-Shaves, Pomades, Styling Gels, Shampoos, and Deodorants to make their big-screen appearance in early 2007. 

Founded in France in 1810, the Pinaud brand and its Clubman line of fine men’s toiletries can be found in virtually every barber shop and men’s club across the United States.

Also starring in the film are Tilda Swinton, Tom Wilkinson, and Sydney Pollack.

Scribed and directed by Tony Gilroy, (The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, Dolores Claibourne, and Armegeddon to name a few…), Michael Clayton will shoot all around Manhattan. 

Producers include Kerry Orent (Birth, Rescue Me,Copland) and Jennifer Fox (Syriana, Good Night and Good Luck, The Jacket)

Warner Brothers will distribute the film.

George Clooney

George Clooney Scores With Clubman

Hair Crew of Football Film “Leatherheads” Using
Clubman-Pinaud and Woody’s
Men’s Grooming Products
on Cast, Crew and the Star and Director

Now filming in Anderson, South Carolina, “Leatherheads” is a romantic comedy about the owner of a 1920s football team, played by—wait for it—George Clooney♥! (Omigawd! He’s so cute!)

His –Mr. Clooney’s—hair and makeup department have made two calls to the PR department at American International requesting the “best talc in the business”, Clubman-Pinaud.  They were also gifted with products from Woody’s Quality Men’s Grooming including the Woody’s Meat and Potato Bar of body soap.

This is the second time Clooney has co-starred with Clubman.  Now scheduled for a Sept. 2007 release, the production team of the Clooney-starring film “Michael Clayton” used Clubman-Pinaud products to dress the set. 

Founded in France in 1810, the Pinaud brand and its Clubman line of fine men’s toiletries can be found in virtually every barber shop and men’s club across the United States.

Offering time-honored traditions in men’s grooming products and techniques to help the modern man look and feel great, Woody’s is involved in uplifting community and supporting the entrepreneurial spirit.


New 3 Piece Clubman Kit Perfect For The Traveling Man

Los Angeles, CA – March 2007
: Every man hates to face the perils of business traveling…the long lines at the security check in, the disgusting food and piece of burlap sack that is passed off as a blanket. What is a man to do for a little pampering? Now, even the busiest travelers can relax with a little bit of Clubman in their carry on. The three piece kit comes with all the necessities:
  • Club Scrub Exfoliating Cleanser: This scrub removes dead skin and cleanses away dirt, surface oil and environmental pollutants leaving skin clean and refreshed. All those long hours on the plane will be instantly removed with a little Club Scrub, leaving your skin feeling renewed and soft.
  • Club Lather Shave Cream: This rich creamy formula softens the beard for a clean, close shave. In case you’ve missed a spot, massage with water and just like that, the soothing cream is reactivated for another round. The perfect pick-me-up for when you finally arrive at your hotel room.
  • Club Complete After Shave: No shave is complete without Club Complete, a great finish to a great Shave. Club Complete is formulated to nourish, tighten and protect.

The 1 oz. bottles fit perfectly into any travel bag, so use them as your way to relax and unwind or just to give yourself a little treat at the end of the day after all those meetings. It’s the only way to forget about those traveling woes and face the new day!

Daytime Dreamboat Gets Gorgeous the Old World Way

John Enos of "The Young and the Restless" Sticks to Barbershop Staples Clubman Grooming Products for His High-Drama, Low-Maintenance Style

Los Angeles, CA – May 2006 – You won’t find John Enos shelling out sixty bucks for a designer deodorant or scouring the shelves at Sephora for styling gel.  This man’s man star of “The Young and the Restless” sticks to the sink-side staples in the Pinaud-Clubman line of Grooming Products.  Established in 1810, Clubman products appeal to men who aren’t fussy or pretentious about what they use to get ready every day.   But every day, they are ready... for anything.

“When I’m not working, I don’t want to spend a lot of time on how I look,” says Enos, who plays hard-working hero from humble Italian origins Bobby Marsino.  “And if I’m riding on my motorcycle or rolling a few frames at the lanes, I don’t like smelling like a florist.  The Clubman scent is cool, clean and the products work.  Nothing fancy, which suits me perfectly.”

Clubman’s old-school, still-cool products include colognes, Dab-On Nick Relief and Styptic pencils, after shave lotions, skin and hair tonics, talc, deodorants, hair-care products and shave creams. In their iconic kelley-green-on-lime containers, with the guy in the top hat and tails living it up on the label, they have been a fixture on barbershop counters since the time of strap razors and spittoons.

John Enos III is a film and television actor with numerous feature film and series television credits. He starred in the television series Melrose Place as Bobby Parezi from 1995-1996. Enos' other television credits include the series NYPD Blue, Sex and the City, Rude Awakening, Red Shoe Diaries, and Murder She Wrote.

John Enos


With a Selection of Father's Day Favorites From the Woody's and Clubman Shave Grooming Collections

Los Angeles, CAApril 2007 – Tired of ties? Gave him a dvd last year? This Father's Day why not forgo the trendy gadgets and gizmos, and the treat the men in your life to the newest in men's grooming from the Woody's and Clubman Shave grooming collections:

• Dad has always been irresistible, but with Woody's THANKS DAD gift set, he'll be styling and smiling! Packaged in a fun media image cube and embossed with "Thanks Dad–I love you", the THANKS DAD gift set features a Love Grenade Body Spray, and 2 oz. bottles of Woody's Daily Shampoo and Conditioner, with tea tree oil and eucalyptus to stimulate the scalp. SRP: $14.95 for the kit

• A grooming regimen for the simple man, Woody's Meat and Potatoes Bar is a 12 oz cleansing bar for hair and body packaged like a pound of beef. No wonder celebrity dads Ben Stiller and Benjamin Bratt are fans of Woody's line! SRP: $11.95

• Give dad the "bare essentials" with Clubman Shave Travel Like a Man. A three-piece kit with all the necessities, Travel Like a Man comes complete with a Club Scrub Exfoliating Cleanser, Club Lather Shave Cream and Club Complete After Shave. Packaged in a travel friendly re-sealable clear packet, the 1 oz. bottles are easy to tote anywhere. SRP: $9.95

AII Sends Holiday Greetings and Gifts to Troops

Service members overseas will be receiving a morale lifting gift of products from American International this holiday season. Working with Encino-based Operating Gratitude, AII shipped generous quantities of Clubman and Gena grooming products to express their respect and appreciation to the men and women of the U.S. military in an active, hands-on manner. OPERATION GRATITUDE care packages contain food, toiletries, entertainment items and personal letters of appreciation, all wrapped with good wishes of love and support.

Hundreds of thousands of American troops are deployed indefinitely in remote parts of the world, including the Middle East, Afghanistan, Africa, the Korean Peninsula and on ships throughout international waters. The physical conditions they must endure are difficult and they may be separated from loved ones for long periods of time. OPERATION GRATITUDE, together with its donating partners, seeks to bring a smile to the faces of service members overseas.
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